If Kotaku mentioned this I sure missed out. I've kind of gotten bored with my IOS games. I thought of the little google Doctor Who game and did a seach for Doctor Who for the heck of it. This game popped up and I was expecting the average franchise cash out usually found on Android and IOS instead I found a really interesting game. Its quite a bit like the gem match fighter games of the late 90's. The cool thing is you have a variety of characters to choose from. One type of Doctor and a ton of companions to choose from. From the real ones like Clara and Amy ect down to a generic Ood. They are adding content and said they will get to the old Doctors eventually. I'm guessing it will be a long long time till we get 4th Doctor. I also wonder if they will jump to Capaldi doctor or add the War Doctor and the keep going backwards. Interesting game with some cool strategy ideas. Give it a shot.